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Well its definitly be a long and difficult year! Both personally and just overall around. Where you even feel like not getting out of bed.




But on the bright side of things the year is finally ending!




I just hope the coming year wont feel as bad or even worse!




So here I thank you all for your love and support this past year. A big welcoming hug to the new fans I've aquired this year and hoping for many more! I wish you all a happy, safe, prosperous, successful, loving new years with your loved ones!







Just wanting to wish you all an amazing Christmas, Hanukah and everything in between!!!




2016-11-10 12:55:44 by SailorSilverStar

186 Fans!! Wow thank you all so much!!! I cant believe I have so many! <3



Sorry I havent posted any journal in MONTHS, almost a year. My life hasnt been the happiest this past year and I dont like spreading the misery if I can help it. Know that I do come here everyday to see you guys!



So lets get started!



As far as my Batgirl project with StuidoFOW sadly that has been put on hold at the moment. But I do hope its finished in the near future since I cant wait to share it with you all!



Some roles I would love to do, besides some drama to show my emotional range is id REALLY love to play a female Joker!! SOMEONE MAKE THIS A THING PLEASE!! Like I coule be Joker Martha Wayne?


And of course playing any exiciting Character in the DC or Marvel world would be amazing! Or any exisiting series I'm a fan of would be so cool! I'm still so happy I've gotten to play Poison Ivy in my friend @MysticSkillz project 'Jungle Hunt' series and now 18 in his DBZ animation!


Course it has been fun playing Chica too lol (cant wait for the next one ^_~)



I cant wait to see what projects I get to be a part of yet here on Newgrounds!! Thank you all for your support and I hope you have and will enjoy my works! <3




2015-12-29 23:03:45 by SailorSilverStar

Just wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!!! <3




Thank you all for an amazing one for 2015!! I cant wait to see what 2016 will bring for me and my Newgrounds family here. ^_^


Stone Sorceress Ep 5

2015-12-16 10:17:21 by SailorSilverStar

Due to some technically difficulties of which I still have no idea how. I was unable to be listed as a voice actress for the latest posting of Stone Sorceress. So I just wanted to let you guys know episode 5 is up and running and your favoriate voice actress here is still proudly playing our lovely Sara Slane the Stone Sorceress. Enjoy.





2015-10-31 10:11:42 by SailorSilverStar


Its my favorite holiday out of the year so I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween!!! ^_^

Also a big thank you and welcome to the almost 20 NEW FANS I have gained in the past month!!!


As always I hope you guys are enjoying these awesome projects I have had the pleasure and honor of working in and that you are looking forward to more awesome ones!!!


Trick or Treat ^_~


100 FANS!!!

2015-09-30 13:19:40 by SailorSilverStar



I have made it to 100 fans!!!



I cant thank you all enough. I know 100 fans may not be alot compared to many other of the amazing people here but its a huge accomplishment to me. I dont even have the words of appriciation and love I have for you all!!!

Heres to the next awesome milestone!!!




I'm going to be in a StudioFOW production as Batgirl from the Arkham games!!!


For those of you who dont know who StudioFOW are; in their own words "are a group of 3D animators who make filthy, perverted and disgusting content that should never be viewed by anyone."

Which means itll be a production like I play in Stone Sorceress


Which means its of an 18+ nature production


and only age appropriate fans should check it out once its up.

It is a bit of a dark scene. I cant give anything away. I dont even have a script. But I can tell you its a bit of a homage to "The Killing Joke" but thats all youre gonna get outta me.


I really am so excited to be working with StudioFOW!!! Hopefully this will get me more exsposure to do more awesome voice work for you guys to enjoy. And hopefully I'll get to come back and do more productions with them as Batgirl or even different characters!


So keep any eye out for that and all the other awesome stuff coming here on Newgrounds!!!

Thank you for your fandom and all your love. Keep being awesome everyone!!!


Ready to Work

2015-07-08 16:07:30 by SailorSilverStar

First off thank you guys for your understanding and patience with my last journal!


Second; HAVE YOU GUYS CHECKED OUT JUNGLE HUNT 2?! Animted by my awesome and talented friend @Mysticskillz


You totally should! Its one of the projects that was in the works when the sad stuff happened that I was looking forward for you guys to watch!


Third; Welcome to my new watchers!!! Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy the projects I participate in!


Fourth; I'm feeling better enough I feel I can go back to voicing awesome stuff for you guys!!


So thank you all and I cant wait to see what I do for you guys next  ^_~




Sad News

2015-06-19 16:01:03 by SailorSilverStar

I dont talk about my personal life on here unless i feel its going to affect my working with you amazing people. So it kills me to come on here with heartbreaking news.

As any of you who have read these know, I was pregnant. Yesterday I had a miscarriage and have lost what was going to be a baby girl.

My husband and I....well I'm sure you understand we dont have the words to express the heartbreak and beyond we are feeling right now.

Of course I'll be here if needed for any additonal work needed in projects that are in the works I have particiapted in but otherwise I'll be taking a break for a while.

Thank you in advance for your sympathy, well wishes and prayers you may give us.

I hope to be back entertaing you all soon...